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Great gathering at La Habra Community Center Workshop

About 30 people showed up to find out more about hypnotherapy


We had a great gathering of people yesterday, Tuesday August 16, for a hypnotherapy workshop Dr. Bill Engle did at the La Habra Community Center.  About 30 people showed up, and Dr. Engle was able to address a few people’s particular concerns.  It’s a great way to meet Dr. Engle, and learn about the techniques he employs to help people with various fears, anxieties, and of course even weight loss.

One attendee talked about the stomach pains they’d been experiencing every day for 4 months.  The person had had several MRI’s done, but normal doctor visits had not helped alleviate the pain.  Dr. Engle was able to use hypnotherapy techniques on the person right there in the Community Center, and help immediately assuage the pain.

Another attendee was experiencing debilitating anxiety over an upcoming test.  Dr. Engle was able to help redirect that persons feelings of anxiety by using hypnotherapy techniques on their subconscious, and the person left the workshop feeling like they could tackle that test.

Dr. Engle also used the time to discuss energy healing, and how these techniques can be helpful to clients even while at home.  You can even download a video of Dr. Engle doing the Energy Therapy Tapping Technique, that clients can then use on themselves at home.


If you’d like to attend one of these workshops, Dr. Engle is doing a full range of recurring workshops at the La Habra Community Center.  There is a downloadable PDF of the full listing of classes at the La Habra Community Center, or just click here to see the listing of Dr. Engle’s classes.  The next upcoming workshop is on 13 September, 2011.  Just check out our website for more information.

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