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Safer, less invasive, and more cost-effective than surgery

There are so many important reasons why Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a better solution than Gastric Band surgery, that one really wonders why that it isn’t more well known.

It is:

  • safer than surgery,
  • less invasive than surgery,
  • and an added bonus is that it’s much less expensive than surgery.

Given the option, most people would probably choose the less invasive course of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.  Part of the reason they don’t, is that it is a new technique and not as well known.  So we are providing as much information about this new technique, so that people can learn what a viable alternative to surgery it really is.

While not the norm, one of the scariest side effects of Lap Band Surgery is death.  An unfortunate death occurred not too long ago right here in Orange County when Paula Rojeski passed away, a few days after having Lap Band surgery, etc.  Invasive surgery on very obese bodies is not easy, and there could have been many reasons for her death.  A cause of death still has not been determined.

Another death in April 2011 was just in Beverly Hills, most probably the result of some negligence on the part of the Anesthesiologist.

They have both been tied to the “1-800-GET-THIN marketing company” which apparently does not seem to have much oversight of the doctors to whom their phone calls are referred.

There’s also Kanye West’s mother, who was not having bariatric surgery, but was having invasive liposuction performed, as part of cosmetic weight reduction.

They are not easy procedures.

One way to avoid those kinds of risks entirely, is to engage in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, which utilizes the power of your own sub-conscious to help stop the weight gain at it’s source: in your head.  In many cases,  extreme weight gain is the result of deep seated psychological issues that won’t be best treated with surgery anyway.  Dr. William Engle can help get to the root causes of extreme weight gain through helping patients reach their subconscious utilizing hypnotherapy, and helping the mind release what may be serious bonds.

big boy beforeTake for instance the case of local DJ BigBoy.  You might recognize him from the large billboards that decorated Los Angeles at one point, even if you have never listened to the radio station.  The “size” of the billboards, and the “size” of their subject were arresting. DJ BigBoy ballooned to 520 lbs at one point.

But at 33 years of age, he didn’t want to be that big forever.  So he decided to get Gastric Band surgery. It was a successful surgery, but to this day, he still has medical issues as a result, and not all his cravings have disappeared.

Dr. Engle treats the cravings directly, by helping patients access their sub-conscious, so that those sub-conscious cravings and not so sub-conscious cravings, can be defeated.

If you’d like, email Dr. Engle right away, or give him a call, to discuss how Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy might apply to your issues.

He also performs workshops where he can answer questions, and also help explain how the technique works in more detail.  Feel free to stop by one of a Purpose Driven Hypnotherapy workshop given by Dr. Engle at La Habra Community Center.

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