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Halloween CAN be enjoyed!

halloweenFor most people, especially children, Halloween is a fun time to dress up in crazy costumes, and go around the neighborhood with friends, and try to get as much candy as possible.  For most kids this isn’t an issue.  But when these some of these kids grow up, and even while they’re still children, unhealthy food habits and cravings can form.  Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy can help to break that cycle.

Did your parents limit the amount of candy you could have at Halloween, setting up memories of being denied candy and sweets, which later manifested itself in overeating those very things?

Are you still experiencing cravings for certain kinds of candy, not just on Halloween, but every day?

halloween posterVirtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy can help you enjoy Halloween again, by helping to defeat those cravings.  Intrigued?  Watch a testimonial from one of Dr. Bill Engle’s Hypnotherapy patients, and listen to her describe how she no longer has cravings for sweets.

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