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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy succeeds where other techniques fail & it’s not invasive

We’ve all seen the headlines about America today: We’re all overweight and out of shape.  We read endless articles urging us to eat our fruits and vegetables and to walk a little bit more, maybe run around the track;  join a gym; start swimming. While that’s true, what the headlines… [Continue Reading…]

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Inspiration to start the New Year

success story

It’s the end of 2012…but perhaps the beginning of something good in the coming year.  A recent Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy client, Jennifer, wanted to share her success on the program with people, and perhaps inspire them to achieve similar results. Jennifer has had immediate and visible success after starting… [Continue Reading…]

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Sharing the Weight Loss Success and Health Benefits of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


Natalie is one of the 90% who succeed with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. She has graciously agreed to tell her story, so that hopefully others will benefit from her experience.  Please take the time to watch this YouTube Video Testimonial of Natalie discussing the amazing results she has had as… [Continue Reading…]

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Halloween CAN be enjoyed!


For most people, especially children, Halloween is a fun time to dress up in crazy costumes, and go around the neighborhood with friends, and try to get as much candy as possible.  For most kids this isn’t an issue.  But when these some of these kids grow up, and even… [Continue Reading…]

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Safer, less invasive, and more cost-effective than surgery

big boy before

There are so many important reasons why Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a better solution than Gastric Band surgery, that one really wonders why that it isn’t more well known. It is: safer than surgery, less invasive than surgery, and an added bonus is that it’s much less expensive than… [Continue Reading…]

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Have you seen this Billboard?


Purpose Driven Hypnotherapy has put up a Billboard “somewhere in Orange County” to help publicize Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy.  If you SEE it, Tweet us @VLapBand or @PDHypnosis, or Facebook us,  provide the location where you saw it, and we’ll give you one of Dr. Bill Engle’s Self Help Audio… [Continue Reading…]

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Continuing Success


Dramatic weight loss as a result of the “Virtual” Gastric Band technique A Virtual Gastric Band client, David, came to see Dr. Bill Engle 6 months ago due to health related weight issues.  He was experiencing many health problems, and one of the ways his doctors had said he could… [Continue Reading…]

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Great gathering at La Habra Community Center Workshop


About 30 people showed up to find out more about hypnotherapy We had a great gathering of people yesterday, Tuesday August 16, for a hypnotherapy workshop Dr. Bill Engle did at the La Habra Community Center.  About 30 people showed up, and Dr. Engle was able to address a few… [Continue Reading…]

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Tremendous weight-loss after only 14 weeks of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis


David describes tremendous weight-loss after only 3 1/2 months He has now lost over 47 pounds and has passed the half way mark to his goal in less than 3 1/2 months. He is feeling healthier than ever.  More impressively, his doctor has already taken him off 4 medications for… [Continue Reading…]

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Reasons to Try Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy done with an experienced hypnotist will let you focus on what holds an individual back again and again, then find strategies to eliminate it. The simple truth is, you’ve got nothing to shed by providing hypnotherapy the possibility, and everything to acquire. Do you wish to finally take care… [Continue Reading…]

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