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What is Gastric Band Hypnosis and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

There were recently a few TV programs broadcasting news stories about a form of mental gastric band surgeries.  This is not a surgical procedure at all but a creative way of using your imagination to help your body imagine that you had the surgery.  And since your body imagines that… [Continue Reading…]

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80% of Patients suffer from Complications with Gastric Band Surgery

There is a range of post-operative problems reported with gastric bands, and over 80% of patients will experience one or more of the following symptoms: Nausea and vomiting (50%) Reflux or regurgitation of food (35%) Slipped band (25%) Obstruction or blockage (15%) Constipation Diarrhoea Difficulty swallowing If these complications cause… [Continue Reading…]

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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is The Safest Way to Lose Weight

Losing Weight when you have temptations or no will power is not an easy route to take but if you are trying to lose weight only to then pile more pounds on, then you should think about losing weight the safe way, by having a Virtual Gastric Band With Hypnotherapy… [Continue Reading…]

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