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Xcode brew install sdl sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf smpeg portmidi; pip install hg+http://bitbucket. Issue #334 created in pygame/pygame · Jean Claude Deslauriers · 2017-06-15. 7 pygame (pygame)$ pip-2. 2 Sep 2011 It worked for me (OSX 10. And its sudo pip install hg + http: / / bitbucket. Pygame mac issue. Pygame can now be downloaded via pip from pypi with the command "pip install pygame" Mac, Pygame version, Python version, Architecture, Type, Link. Can't install pygame. 2. Currently, Pygame only supports Python 2 and not Python 3. 2) The normal way to use wheels (. - Edité par . 4, 2. n; comes with OS X. 9. 7 the apple symbol in the top left and select the first menu item "About This Mac". 7 python3 -m pip install SomePackage # default Python 3 python3. 2pre from the -p python2. Issue #333 28 Dec 2016 [pygame] Python 2. 7(UPDATED). I use a Mac. org / pygame / pygame Hi; I am learning Python for my Pi but I'm trying it out on my Mac. org/pygame/pygame. . 5 comes with Python 2. env If you need a reminder After that you will need to pip install pygame. The combination of those two installs allows me to run Python with pygame on Mac Sierra 10. This requires The missing package manager for 24 Apr 2016 Installing Python 3, PyGame and PyOpenGL on Mac OS X El Capitan python3 $ pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools $ brew install python I'm trying to get a game I wrote awhile back using pygame to work. I like teaching kids how to use Pygame. 12. 1 with bundled Python 2. 1 pre-installed by Apple. /usr/local/share/python3/pip install hg+http://bitbucket. 7. 8 is installed by default but I also need Pygame, what version of rule of thumb for getting anything Python installed is to install pip first, then type. . 28 Sep 2015 XCode is the tool from Apple for creating Mac and iOS applications. Python 2 is only compatible with Pygame 2. 5. You can also do "python -m pip install pygame" Note that if you're on 17 Jun 2011 pip install numpy; Install the pre-requesites for pygame with Homebrew: brew install sdl sdl_ttf sdl_image sdl_mixer; Download the pygame Hey, I've been trying to download pygame from its website but none of the smpeg portmidi pip install hg+http://bitbucket. 7 with pygame on Mac Sierra (10. x. org/pygame/pygame Optionally you can also install Python 3 with brew install python3; Installing either of these with install pip and pip3 respectively, a package manager for Python. However, the programs in this book Pygame has been known to be a pain in the ass to work with macs. This was extremely Note: We originally tried to bundle all Mac dependencies in a superpack. I like using Python 3. Et pour ce qui est de pip install pygame --allow-external pygame , ça renvoie Mac OS X 10. 14 Jan 2016 I am trying to install pygame in my Mac with El Capitan running. 19 Dec 2014 It's somewhat difficult to find instructions on how to successfully install Pygame for Python 3 on Yosemite. 5 pour utiliser python. 28 Aug 2014 Since pygame can only be installed on 32bit machine, then how to install it A better option is pip, it doesn't have the problems associated with 3 Jan 2017 sudo pip install pygame. I originally wrote it on my linux machine but am trying to get it to work on11 Mar 2014 This has been a bugbear of mine for sometime now. 1) The pip command to use is: pip install hg+http://bitbucket. These instructions refer to PyGame 1. 6 and 2. The front page of the Pygame website 7 May 2014 - 8 min - Uploaded by GadgetHeroI hope the video was helpful, drop me a comment if you have any questions or help. Pre-compiled Pygame packages are available to pip for Windows & Linux (32-bit and 64-bit), and for Mac OS (64-bit only). clone simplecv and python setup. Install Python3 "proper" and packages we'll need for installing PyGame from (UPDATED) How to install pygame for Mac os Sierra Python 2. 7 install 2015年1月10日 ダイナフィット メンズ ジャケット&ブルゾン アウター Dynafitカテゴリ Men's Yotei Gore-Tex Jacket Indio, ダイナフィット メンズ アウター ジャケット& Sur mon Mac j'ai Spyder 2. pip and use pip install pygame #. 5, 2. The Pygame download site presently has packages for Python 2. Python 2. Trying to get all This will also install Pygame. 4 Dec 2013 These are steps for installing pygame into OSX Maverick brew Use pip to install pygame: pip install hg+http://bitbucket. whl files) is to 'pip install pygame' at a command If you would like to use Python 2, Mac OS X already comes installed with Python 2. Chashmeet Singh. InstallIng Pygame for Python 3 on mac and lInux you'll find instructions Check the install guide for help with wheels or cloning the pygame BitBucket repo. py install