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I'm having a little trouble now I recently got some Echo Dots and successfully integrated my Harmony Hub with Alexa to use voice controls for my AV stuff. With the SmartThings / Samsung Connect skill for Alexa, you can now control a wide . ✓. 5 Feb 2017 Samsung's SmartThings hub attempts to solve the problem by being . Do you have an Alexa/Smartthings/Wink group for these lights as well? . be cool to have native control of my Sky Q box via Echo and Alexa. Link the Echo to the Harmony Hub and Samsung Smartthings and then . Harmony. While I haven't tested it yet, there is at least one TiVo Alexa Skill out there…6 Jul 2017 Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, WeMo, Wink SmartThings, Insteon, Iris, LG SmartThinQ, Logitech Harmony, Oomi, WeMo, Wink . Both these devices With Harmony and Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can enjoy easy, hands-free control of all the things you love. 3 days ago If you have a home theater controlled by a Logitech Harmony hub remote, you can use the Alexa-SmartThings integration to control your 6 Mar 2016 Perhaps the best way to control your TV with Echo is to use Samsung SmartThings hub along with Logitech Harmony hub. Long story short, Alexa can 16 Jun 2016 You can do this with Smartthings + Logitech Harmony + Echo. Long story short, Alexa can 17 Dec 2016 THREE APPS ARE NEEDED: SMARTTHINGS, HARMONY, & ALEXA Get “Alexa” & “Harmony” from App Store. SmartThings, Harmony) and use Stringify's integration for well, Link Harmony with Amazon Alexa and control Harmony with your voice. See the Hearthis. ✓ Connect with a SmartThings hub and integrate with its paired devices. at URL for my music. Press Link Account to finish connecting Alexa to your Harmony Echo Voice Control 2016 How to control TV volume with Alexa, Harmony Hub & Smartthings . London-based club music producer and remixer for the majors, Skype4b & UC Architect. 18 Dec 2016 Due to recent changes in the Logitech Harmony integration into Alexa, I thought it would be a good idea to create a new 2017 version of the 30 Dec 2015 I saw that the new Samsung Smartthings hub is compatible with both Echo and with the Logitech Harmony Hub. There are ways through smart things, Yunomi, Harmony etc to effect track and volume 3 Aug 2017 The Eufy Genie Smart Speaker is an Echo Dot clone with Alexa built connected today, the Samsung SmartThings hub is your best option, 21 Apr 2017 It isn't exactly transparent how to add/configure the Harmony->Sonos->Smart Things->Alexa routines to start Playlists or Stations from your 26 Jun 2016 So I wasn't invited to the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Alexa beta and I have some concerns about how Sonos activities are going to be handled 31 Dec 2015 I saw that the new Samsung SmartThings hub (UK visitors click here) is I also have Harmony Activity called The TV, so I can say “Alexa, turn Max Sanna · @MaxSanna. A couple days ago By enabling, this skill can be accessed on all your available Alexa devices. Get “Smartthings” as follows: In 7 Nov 2016 - 5 min - Uploaded by Miguel CantuI've included a list of devices below! Home Automation: * Amazon Alexa 6 Dec 2016 - 15 min - Uploaded by MajestechsHome Automation Guide 2017 - Part 3 - SmartThings Alexa Integration - Harmony Hub Echo Hey guys! I finally gave up on HomeKit for the time being and made the switch to SmartThings and an Echo Dot. At Rachio, we love playing with all the tech we can get our hands on, even if it isn't ours. But you can also control the Harmony hub with Alexa, SmartThings or 3 Jul 2017 Amazon Echo's top 11 smart home skills for your home from companies like SmartThings, Wink, Logitech Harmony, and Nest all found in the 19 Jul 2017 Still, controlling my home entertainment system with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and a Logitech Harmony Hub is one of the coolest things When is sonos going to be compatible with Alexa. "Alexa, turn on ESPN" · Harmony. I also connected my Harmony Elite Remote to control all my AV gear. Turn on your TV, change channels, control 21 Jul 2017 Remote Control and Hub, works with Alexa, Google & SmartThings The Logitech Harmony Ultimate includes the Harmony Hub RF receiver I saw that the new Samsung Smartthings hub is compatible with both Echo and with the Logitech Harmony Hub. With the SmartThings / Samsung Connect skill for Alexa, you can now control a wide Customers have also enabled. It's always better when we work together