What is Gastric Mental Band and Can It Help

You Lose Weight?


This is not a surgical procedure but a creative way of using your imagination to help your body imagine that you had the surgery. And since your body imagines that your stomach has shrunk in size, you now respond with feeling full quicker, and refusing to eat too much food.

A Virtual Gastric Band allows you to be convinced that your stomach has been shrunk down to the size of a golf ball, where you will have all of the feelings and benefits of a Gastric Band without the risk and discomfort that invasive surgeries bring, and you will still lose weight.

In your initial session, you will be provided with guidance to aid you with the psychological impact of your Gastric Band, as well as with your past relationship with food.  This will enhance your weight loss process.

This is not a diet. This will, however, change the way you think about food.  The four-week program encourages individuals to be satisfied on smaller amounts of food and to exercise.

This does seem like an impossible concept to many overweight people that have struggled for so very long with trying to remove excess weight.  If you understand how our minds work though, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched.  When you use the Virtual Gastric Band program to help you regain control over your eating and develop a new healthier relationship with food, you gain a powerful ally for your weight loss.  You find yourself in control of your eating and in control of your life.

Watch this video to see how the real surgery works!

If this risky surgery does not interest you, maybe the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Release Program could be the way for you to go. Remember that consultations are always free and there is never any obligation.

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Don’t accept any substitutes.  Purpose Driven Hypnotherapy is proud to be the first in the United States to offer the Granger Virtual Gastric Band™ program. While you may have heard of other imitators such as the Shirrans’ Gastric Mind Band™ or the Hypno-Band™, our approach is the ONLY clinically proven Virtual Gastric Band program in existence. For more information about the Granger Virtual Gastric Band and the recent UK study, view the video below.